26 Bar Ranch

Hopi 3 Canyon Ranches

The 26Bar Ranch is North, West and South of Springerville. Its winter country is 7,000 feet and summer is 9,500 feet.


The 26 Bar is primarily used to develop and calve replacement heifers for Hopi 3 Canyon Ranches. Then are returned to their respective ranches near Winslow as coming 3 year olds. All calves are weaned, backgrounded and marketed from the Hart Ranch.

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In 1996 the Hopi Indian Tribe began their pursuit to purchase five large ranches in Northern Arizona, for the purpose of regaining their ancestral lands.


Their first purchase being the 146,429-acre Clear Creek and 24,460 acre 26 Bar ranches owned by Tom Chauncy. The famed and once owned by John Wayne 26 Bar Ranch also has a 34,055-acre USFS grazing permit. While much smaller, we still maintain a registered Hereford herd that are descendents of John Wayne’s time.

Our heifer calves are developed and bred on the ranch. Much of their development stage is spent on 9,500 feet elevation summer permits.


Our calves have been enrolled in an all-natural program since 2000. We are excited to join the Country Natural Beef Program. We will be committing a large number of our calf crop to this program this fall.  



All calves are backgrounded.



Of 1,900 head of mother cows roughly 45% are straight Hereford. The remaining is Angus Hereford cross. Large portions of the Herefords are bred to Balancer bulls. Our aim is to maximize heterosis among the herds to produce offspring that perform well on  the range, feedlot rail.


At weaning all calves are RFID tagged, individually weighed and vaccinated to fit various buyer programs. All calves are weaned and back grounded on rangeland pastures with minimal supplement for at least 45 days. All calves are age and source verified, hormone and antibiotic free.

By 1998 the Hopi Tribe had finalized purchases on the 105,126-acre Aja Ranch and the 77,278 Hart/Drye Ranches. These two ranches have 58,560 acres of USFS grazing permits.


While owned by the Hopi Tribe the ranches are one of several off Reservation business entities managed by the Hopi Tribe Economic Development Corporation (HTEDC) headquartered in Flagstaff.



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