26 Bar Ranch

Hopi 3 Canyon Ranches

The 26Bar Ranch is North, West and South of Springerville. Its winter country is 7,000 feet and summer is 9,500 feet.


The 26 Bar is primarily used to develop and calve replacement heifers for Hopi 3 Canyon Ranches. Then are returned to their respective ranches near Winslow as coming 3 year olds. All calves are weaned, backgrounded and marketed from the Hart Ranch.

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The 26 Bar Ranch is steeped in the history of the Hereford industry. Back in the 1940's it was part of the famous Milky Way Ranch. The big white show barn, under the hill outside of town, has become one of the local landmarks. This ranch and show barn have been the home for many top Hereford cattle that have made their mark in the Hereford industry.


The 26 Bar Ranch combines ancient and modern history together in colorful and charming ways. The ranch was started by John Wayne and his partner Louis Johnson. The ranch was then, and is now, a working cattle ranch where some of the most famous Hereford cattle in the world are raised.


The main buildings were built in the late 30's and early 40's by the owners of the Mars-Milky Way candy company. It was used as a summer home and a place to raise their world class Hereford cattle. The ranch was, at the time, called the "Milkyway Ranch".


The ranch was purchased by Tom Chauncey in 1986. Chauncey was the founder and owner of the CBS affiliate Television and Radio stations, KOOL Radio and TV.", as well as the famous Tom Chauncey Arabians of Scottsdale, AZ.


In 1997 the Hopi Tribe of Arizona was proud to reclaim some of their ancestral lands by purchasing the ranch. The rock art found along the Little Colorado River establishes the long connection between the Hopi and the ranch land. The Hopi Tribe is also proud to continue the tradition of producing top quality Hereford cattle.


For more information about the cattle, please visit http://www.h3cr.com.